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The side hustle trap

The internet has a way of hyper-evolving every idea into near absurdity and the idea of side hustles hasn’t escaped this pattern.

The Modern Trap of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles [Repeller] – “We live in the era of the hustle. Of following our dreams until the end, and then pushing ourselves more. And every time we feel beholden to capitalize on the rare places where our skills and our joy intersect, we underline the idea that financial gain is the ultimate pursuit. If we’re good at it, we should sell it. If we’re good at it and we love it, we should definitely sell it.”

Get busy living or get busy dying…

How our jobs are killing us [The Darwinian Doctor] – “Collectively, our jobs contribute to our country’s weight problems, high stress levels, and sleep deprivation. These factors contribute to higher rates of everything from heart attacks to cancer and death.” Lots of data, lots of stats, and this is from a surgeon who, despite explaining he does spend a lot of time sitting at a computer, probably moves a lot more than most white collar workers.

One of my good friends is an estate lawyer and he’s shared a few horror stories of how it’s a headache, and a long drawn out process, when someone passes without a legal will and things have to go through probate. This article is from Canada but it doesn’t sound that different from the United States.

My Uncle Died Without a Will – And It Was a Nightmare [Young & Thrifty] – “What happens when a family member dies and doesn’t leave a will? It’s not pleasant, as one woman recounts. It’s a frustrating exercise that underscores why everyone should have a legal will.”