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The seven money personality types.

Good morning, my friends, and welcome to yet another Monday. There’s a never-ending supply, as you might have noticed. But that’s okay. Mondays means we get to dive back into Apex Money. Let’s take a look at the stories we’ve gathered for you today.

The secret credit card that’s only for the rich. [Backbencher] — “The no-limit black card, issued by invitation only, instantly identifies its holder as what’s known in the trade as a ‘whale’ — someone with vast resources. Amex won’t say what it takes to get an invite, but word on the street is that you must have been a Platinum cardholder for at least a year, ringing up a minimum of $350,000 in annual charges.”

The seven money personality types. [CNBC Make It] — “We each have our own beliefs and emotions about money, and they are mostly shaped by our individual life experiences (e.g., passed down from our parents or influenced by our current situations). In my 10-plus years of researching the psychology of money and happiness, I’ve found that there are seven distinct money personality types.”

An argument for never giving up meaningful work. [Humble Dollar] — “To have a successful retirement, we need to start with a proper understanding of work. Admittedly, it’s a counterintuitive way of looking at retirement. But sometimes looking at a problem backward can help us find creative solutions. In other words, examine the opposite of retirement for lessons about retirement.”

Lastly, from artist Brian King’s Mayoking website, here’s a short comic I liked about what it’s like to raise kids when you’re struggling to make ends meet. (I think I like this because it reminds me of my childhood and the struggles my own family had with money.)

A comic by Brian King

And that’s it for Monday. I’ll be back tomorrow with more great stuff. See you then.