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The secret life of leftovers.

If you’re looking for stories about personal finance, you’ve come to the right place. This is Apex Money and I’m J.D. Roth. Today, I’ve gathered these gems to share with you.

“How my co-workers and I advocated for 20% raises.” [Good-bye Whine to 5] — “We advocated for a raise, pay equity, and succeeded. It’s possible, y’all. A major component of our ability to advocate for better pay in benefits is because we were transparent with each other about our wages. Having the courage and support to advocate for that kind of change, and for it to be successful, will stay with me forever.”

The Health Work Love Play Dashboard. [Brewing FIRE] — “Think of the dashboard as a set of fuel gauges, measuring four core facets of your life: health, work, love, and play. Each of these areas is integral to leading a full, meaningful existence. It’s important to occasionally take inventory of these areas, to ensure that we are not neglecting some part of our life.”

“Why I pick up trash at the beach.” [Ryan Holiday] — “But then one morning on my walk with my kids, a thought hit me that was both freeing and indicting. How many times do I have to walk past this litter, I thought, before I am complicit in its existence. Even if I moved to a place where this didn’t happen, I thought, it would still be happening here.” I do this too, and always have. It’s a simple way to make the world a better place.

The secret life of leftovers. [The New Atlantis] — “The sad truth is that our existing systems lack the infrastructure necessary to help people make wise food consumption a habitual part of daily life. Very few people can deal with the hassle, or work up the willpower, to use burlap sacks and glass jars for packing a lunch, or carry around Tupperware to bring home restaurant leftovers in something other than leaky Styrofoam boxes.” True story: I’ve taught my dog the keyword “leftovers”. When I say it, I mean she gets to lick my bowl or plate. It’s one of her favorite words.

That’s it for today. The folks from the Plutus Foundation will be filling in tomorrow, but I’ll return on Thursday with more great stuff. See you then.