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The right to repair.

Good morning, Apex Nation!

I’ve spent the past ten days hunting for houses in a town 90 minutes south of Portland. As a result, I haven’t had much time to read about personal finance. That said, I have seen a handful of videos that I’ve enjoyed, so today’s edition of Apex Money is 100% video for the first time ever. Let’s take a look.

In this 57-second clip, Louis Rossman explains why the “right to repair” is so important. More and more, bit corporations — including Apple, a company I love — are making it difficult (or impossible) for everyday people to repair their products. In fact, they’re making it difficult for even professionals to repair their products. Why? Profit. Here, Rossman explains why this is an issue.

Why should you care? Because stripping the ability to repair items drives up costs…and creates a “disposable” society where instead of repairing things, we replace them. It sucks.

Anyhow, here’s Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak lending support to Louis’ video. This is a longer video (nearly ten minutes) but it provides more context into why the right to repair is so important.

Next up, I like this clip from the Dave Ramsey show in which the conversation veers to a very important subject: why telling people what to do doesn’t work.

I’ve seen this from both sides. I’ve seen people who want to tell others, and I’ve seen people who have been on the other end. It’s always the same. Generally speaking, folks are happy to hear your story (if it’s genuine and heartfelt) but they hate being lectured. That’s it. That’s all you need to know.

Lastly, here’s a video that has nothing whatsoever to do with money. It’s the video for the song “Oh!” by The Linda Lindas (a punk rock band made up of teen-age and pre-teen girls).

I can’t explain it, but I love everything about this: the music, the video, the sheer dorkiness of everything going on here. Sign me up!

And that’s it for this Monday. I’ll be back tomorrow morning with more great stuff. See you then!