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The racial wealth chasm

I will let this chart speak for itself:

10 myths about the racial wealth gap [AXIOS] – “For years, there’s been a popular notion — even among some Black people — that the wealth difference between white and Black Americans could be closed if Black folks collectively ‘got it together.'”

I wanted to share the first article because as human beings, we tend to gravitate towards convenient narratives. This is especially true with complex subjects that we know very little about. Black Americans would be wealthier if they would just stop [insert convenient idea here]. The data, which has no inherent bias, doesn’t support any of those convenient ideas.

Speaking of ridiculous ideas, I once joking told J.D. that I wish I had a massive debt payoff story so more people would subscribe to my blog…

How to Ruin a Good Debt Payoff Story in Seven Easy Steps [Burrito Bowl Diaries] – “This is embarrassing for me to talk about but if it can help one person ruin their lives financially only to later become an inspirational figure by overcoming their self-inflicted financial wound then it’s worth it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my day. Most notably, I tried to always use common sense. This has made many of my life experiences unrelatable to the general population.”

I am the one thing in life I can control [Get Rich Slowly] – “Around noon on Day Two, as I exited I-80 in south-central Wyoming, I was listening to Hamilton for the fourth time in 24 hours when I was smacked in the brain by a lyric I hadn’t heard before. I pulled off the side of the road to think about it — and to make some notes.”

Eight Shocking Secrets I Learned While Working on Private Jets [Bloomberg] – “From comforting naked celebrities who are afraid of flying to cleaning up after pet (and human) accidents, nothing is surprising among those who fly privately for a living.”

Boom! Enjoy the day!