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The pros and cons of having a nice car.

What’s up, money nerds? We’ve gathered four top money stories to share with you today…

Fish tacos and a tiny dog. [The Contessa Counts] — “If you know many 8 year olds, you might recognize that they share some attributes with 80 (or 100-) year olds. They both see the world with no b.s. The things they want have few bells and whistles, whether it’s a puppy or a grandchild, a beach vacation or a sunny porch with a rocking chair. They want mean people to leave them alone, and for nobody to boss them around. They mostly want to hang with family and friends, and they like it when someone else cooks and cleans the house. They want to live their best life, with no crap.” [Short and sweet.]

Make “doing nothing” the default. [Behavioural Investment] — “It seems ridiculous to suggest that thinking of ways to reduce our activity could be a route to better investment outcomes. Yet, as always, the things that seem unfeasibly simple in investing come with significant behavioural challenges. These are not impossible to overcome, we just need to find a way to do less in a system that incentivises and encourages us to do more.”

Overdoing delayed gratification. [Life After the Daily Grind] — “We’re not immune to having our health or life suddenly cut short. So while planning for the future is important so is living life for today as we don’t know how many tomorrows there will be. And even if we live a long healthy life, that life is surely better with some indulgence thrown in along the way.”

The pros and cons of having a nice car. [Money with Katie] — “It’s fun to care about something that doesn’t involve a screen or extreme engagement of my prefrontal cortex. Buying a Porsche might mean my personal finance club membership is revoked, but I’ll go be sad about that in Sport mode.”

That’s it for Tuesday. The folks from Plutus will pop in tomorrow, then I’ll be back with more great stuff on Thursday. See you then.