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The problem with a Forever Home mindset.

Well, we’ve reached the end of the week. Time to make the most of early summer, folks! Before you go, though, here are a few things I’ve gathered to share with you all.

I’m going to start things off with an article that really hit home for me — probably one of my favorite articles of the past month or two (at one of my current favorite blogs).

Accumulation is living in the future. [Money with Katie] — “Accumulation is the magic of ‘one day’. Decumulation is the pressure of ‘right now’. To continue to accumulate is to reject the reality that the future you’ve saved for is already here. To contend with your lifelong approach to money is to contend with your own mortality.”

If you want to develop self-worth, do things that give you self-worth. [Becoming Minimalist] — “We fall into a trap when we think we need to feel good about ourselves before we can start doing something worthwhile. Because actually, the opposite is true. Action results in better thinking—not the other way around. You don’t have to wait until everything is perfect before taking a step in the direction of the change you want to see in your life. Take that step—and watch your circumstances change around you.”

The problem with a Forever Home mindset. [Retire Before Dad] — “I’ve watched neighbors and family members stay in what they thought would be their forever homes for too long. The longer that belief holds, the more difficult it is to rectify housing deficiencies when needed. Unfortunately, injury, disability, or other health issues can hasten the need to move. Homes can suddenly become unlivable, leading to accelerated timelines, rushed decisions, and limited housing choices…A better plan is to assume you’ll need to move and start planning as early as possible.”

Our non-financial video of the day is this three-minute ice-skating performance: Amber Glenn performing to Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire”.

I love everything about this video — especially the camera work. Glenn’s athleticism is exhilarating, just like Rodrigo’s song. Kind of makes me wish that we had the winter Olympics coming up, not the summer Olympics…

Okay, that’s all for this week. Jim will be back on Monday with more great stuff for you.