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The Point of No Return

When I left my defense industry job to work on my blog full-time, I was confident I could go back “later.”

I hoped I didn’t need to but a “software engineer with a clearance” is a software engineer with a job. Your coding and design skills might degrade or fall behind a little bit but you can jump back in pretty quickly.

But what if you’re a physician? That’s what today’s first post is about – not all jobs were like mine. You can’t just jump back into being an anesthesiologist. POF has a good point… “To be frank, if I were in need of a medical procedure, I would not want to have a surgeon, anesthesiologist, interventional radiologist or cardiologist who is in his first few days back after an extended absence of many months.” Me too!

Three Years of FIRE and the Point of No Return [Physician on FIRE] – “I’ve been asked many times if I might go back to work as a physician. My early answer was “probably not” and the likelihood needle has moved closer and closer to zero ever since.”

Your % Savings Rate Is The Most Important Number [The Escape Artist] – “Without a freedom fund, your boss owns you. Having a six month freedom fund means being able to quit on your own schedule or at least wait for a good job to come around after you get laid off, rather than having to take the first one that comes along. That can be life changing. The bigger the freedom fund, the more time, options and runway you have.”

Mark Rober is awesome – I’m so glad he’s one of the most popular Youtubers out there because his videos are really good. This one, Beating 5 Scam Arcade Games with Science, is great for several reasons.

First, engineering is cool. It’s fun to see the contraptions he’s built to beat arcade games.

Next, you also learn which games are scams and how to win. That’s all find and dandy but there’s another (secret) reason I love them.

I show it to our kids so THEY know which games are scams and they don’t ask to play games that are scams. This makes me happy because I don’t have to frustratingly try to convince them that they’re scams. If you’ve ever tried to convince a kid not to play a game, you’ll know how fruitless that can be. This video solves so many problems at once. (so does this one about carnival gameswhich I love even more)