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The perfect gift.

Hello, friends, and welcome to another day of Apex Money. Let’s jump right into the stories I’ve collected for you today.

How to reset your finances in the new year. [Gen Y Planning] — “The one (and possibly only) step you need to take to level up your finances next year is simple but may be uncomfortable: Check your bank and credit card statements. The goal is to get a clear sense of where you are now, what triggers impulsive spending, and what can be improved moving forward. Many credit card companies provide an annual spending report – read it!”

Would you rather owe taxes or get a refund in April? [Bitches Get Riches] — “In the short term—say, between when you pay your taxes and when you file your tax return—someone is benefitting from holding onto your tax dollars. If you get a tax refund, that someone is the government. They get to hold onto the extra cash you withheld for taxes for a few months or even a year, using the money any way they please in the meantime. It’s like you just gave the government an interest-free loan, entirely on their terms. And yet we feel grateful when they give our own money back to us in the form of tax refunds!”

“The best gift-giving advice I’ve ever received.” [Small Potatoes] — This is one of those articles from which it’s impossible to get a good pull-quote, so I’ll just give a quick pitch. The author gives examples of three great types of gifts…then suggests a fourth type of gift that can be used in any circumstance. I liked this.

Today’s little bonus feature isn’t a video. Instead, it’s yet another weather website. I know, I know. There are a bajillion different weather sites. Who needs another one? I agree. But this one is different.

World Weather Online offers a cool map of the entire world and allows you to view a variety of current weather conditions: temperature, precipitation, humidity, cloud cover, etc. It’s not super useful, I know, but it’s fun.

I keep wishing I had a way to display this on a separate monitor just so I could sit and stare at it now and then. (Yes, I’m a weird. Surprise!)