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The many worlds of enough.

Good morning, friends. It is I, J.D., and it’s my first foray into link curation in many weeks. My varied family crises have settled for the moment, so I’m able to resume work. I’ll start by sharing some of the money stories I’ve enjoyed recently.

Let’s dive in!

The reluctant explorer. [This American Life] β€” On a long drive yesterday, my girlfriend and I listened to this episode of the This American Life podcast. It’s a fascinating look at the new world of NFTs and cryptocurrency and the blockchain, but told in a human way that makes these things a little easier to understand. Entertaining and educational. (This link is to both the audio file and a transcript.)

The many worlds of enough. [More to That] β€” “This is the Many Worlds of Enough. It’s the perpetual branching of identity that results from progress, as progress provides you with the confidence and ability to actualize greater things (resulting in further progress). The cyclical nature of this process is what makes it so difficult to stop, and is what prevents us from ever settling on what Enough means.”

Intuit to refund $141 million to low-income TurboTax users. [The New York Times, so possible paywall] β€” “For years, the maker of the TurboTax software claimed that people could file their tax returns online for free. Millions of customers signed up, only to pay hidden fees later in the process. That was the finding of a multistate investigation led by Attorney General Letitia James of New York.”

Lastly, here’s something fun that feels like it might have been written just for me. (Or, if I’d thought of it, written by me.) By now, most of you know I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan. She’s probably my all-time favorite musician. (Only my youthful love of U2 can compete with my current appreciation of Taylor.)

Well, last week at Women’s Personal Finance, Emilie Cleaver published a fun filler piece highlighting 30 things that “Red (Taylor’s Version)” taught us about money.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, last week she released a new re-recorded song. (She’s re-recording her back catalog for Reasons.) Here’s the beautiful “This Love (Taylor’s Version)”:

And that’s all I have for my first day back on the job. I’ll be back tomorrow with more great links to help you master your money…and your life.