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The Great Realization

The pandemic was a massive wake up call for a lot of people. Whether it was about their health, their work, their money, or all of the things – I think people will adjust the way they approach aspects of their life.

The Great Realization is just one aspect of this worth noting:

Great Resignation? How About Great Realization [Katrina Kibben’s Blog] – “People want to work. I won’t discuss that. They don’t want to work for a wage that doesn’t pay for their life. They don’t want to go into offices during a global pandemic. They are tired of your subpar parental leave and benefits.

But people want to work. They want to dream. They want a good life, whatever that means to them.

Now they also know their value.”

Turning your labor into wealth [EAT Money] – “Any activity in personal finance is ultimately about wealth creation. Wealth in any form can then be optimized to achieve your goals. Whether these goals are to buy your freedom or buy that mansion you’ve been dreaming of, its hard to do it without wealth.”

He Created The Oregon Trail [Slate] – “Fifty years ago this winter, a young student teacher by the name of Don Rawitsch introduced his eighth grade American history class to a computer game on westward expansion that he had developed along with his colleagues Bill Heinemann and Paul Dillenberger. The game, called The Oregon Trail, would go on to sell over 65 million copies, many of them to educational institutions, making it one of the bestselling games of all time, right up there with Super Mario Bros. and Tetris. But when I talked to Rawitsch recently, he said that when he first came up with the idea, making money was the furthest thing from his mind.”