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The good life (and how to get it).

Howdy howdy, Apexians. Hope you had a great weekend. Me, I’m looking forward to this week. You see, for years I’ve been wanting to re-design my primary site (Get Rich Slowly). This week, I’ve set aside time to actually do the work. If all goes according to plan, I’ll dive in on Thursday morning, then come out next Monday with a slick new “de-design” that I feel proud of. Not sure I can make this happen, but I’m hopeful that it’s possible.

Meanwhile, of course, I have lots of great money news to share with you. Here are a few recent articles I’ve enjoyed.

The young, rich, anti-capitalist capitalists. [Vox Recode] — “Attempts to invest ethically aren’t exactly new. The concept of socially responsible investing dates back centuries, and today there are a variety of approaches that fall under this umbrella. In recent years, they’ve attracted increased skepticism about their efficacy and ethics.”

The different kinds of bullshit. [Collaborative Fund] — “Jeff Bezos once said there are different kinds of smart. Distinguishing the various flavors is important because if you think smarts comes in just one form, you’ll miss dozens of other nuanced varieties. Bullshit is the same. It comes in countless forms, some harder to spot than others. False modesty, projecting, double standards, hypocrisy, tugging at heartstrings – these aren’t lies; they’re subtle forms of bullshit, which is why they’re so prevalent.”

The good life (and how to get it). [Inc. magazine interview from 2001] — “It’s not uncommon for people to want to believe they’re trapped, and often those people will do the ‘must be nice’ thing with us — must be nice to have a company, so you can take the whole summer off; must be nice to have enough money to go to Bolivia. The assumption is that the way we live is a rich-people thing, an arrived-people thing, something few can afford (and by afford, I mean in time as much as in money). We always wish we could show people our younger selves, the Pete and Laura who had no money and were building things from scratch. We were surprisingly the same as we are now.” Great interview, but I especially like the end of the article where there’s a list of things that make freedom and simplicity easier.

That’s it for today. Those three articles are all relatively long, so let’s call that good for a Monday. I’ll be back tomorrow with more great stuff. See you then!