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The gifts we give our children.

Hey, my friends. Happy Friday! A bit late with this morning’s entry. I thought I’d prepped it for publishing but nope. Just found it sitting in my text editor, awaiting final touches. Well, better late than never, right? Here are some tasty money links for you.

The gifts we give our kids. [Finding Joy] — “When I work with affluent families, a common concern is how not to let their wealth hurt their kids. It’s not a champagne problem – it’s a real threat. Entitled children who are used to having everything handed to them can be monsters as adults. Individuals who lack financial discipline and exhibit a poor work ethic because their early environment didn’t require it often become poor pilots of their own lives.”

Don’t try to get rich twice. [A Wealth of Common Sense] — “Anyone who has become rich twice is dumb. Why would you risk what you need and have for what you don’t need? If you are already rich, there is no upside to taking on a lot more risk, but there is disgrace on the downside.”

Luddite teens don’t want your ‘likes’. [The New York Times gift article] — “On a brisk recent Sunday, a band of teenagers met on the steps of Central Library on Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn to start the weekly meeting of the Luddite Club, a high school group that promotes a lifestyle of self-liberation from social media and technology. As the dozen teens headed into Prospect Park, they hid away their iPhones — or, in the case of the most devout members, their flip phones, which some had decorated with stickers and nail polish.” I enthusiastically support this!

Now, to send you into the weekend, here’s something I didn’t expect to like: the trailer to next summer’s Barbie film. I have zero interest in this movie (even after seeing the trailer), but I have to say that the preview is pretty damn fun.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend, everybody!