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The Future is Unknowable


The Future is Unknowable. Spend it All or Sock it Away? [Physician on FIRE] – “If anything is certain, it’s that the future is uncertain. It’s unknowable, and unless you have a heavily modified Delorean with a functioning flux capacitor, the future will always be unknowable. Some people, like those in the YOLO (you only live once) crowd, take that as a good reason or excuse to spend freely while putting little thought into what tomorrow will bring. Others feel that a future that could bring all sorts of unforeseen changes is a great reason to save now. It’s best to be prepared for the many surprises that life will undoubtedly bring. How do reconcile these two disparate approaches?”

How Zillow’s homebuying scheme lost $881 million [Full Stack Economics] – “Zillow made news last week as it reported a loss of $881 million on its house-buying business last year⁠. That’s especially remarkable because house prices rose dramatically for much of the year.” Understanding this breakdown drives home the impact of self-selection – the cases where Zillow will overpay are the ones most likely to take the Zillow offer. (among other problems)

This last one is quirky and fun and has nothing to do with money 🙂

Pringles accidentally named its mascot after a harmless Wikipedia hoax [Input] – “In 2006, Justin Shillock and Michael (Mikey) Wiseman were sitting in their freshman college dorm room, watching football and eating Sour Cream & Onion Pringles. At one point, Justin jokingly asked what Mikey thought was the mustachioed Pringles guy’s full name. His friend since the third grade paused momentarily while watching the Carolina Panthers’ then-defensive lineman, Julius Peppers, on TV. “Julius Pringles,” he answered assuredly.” So good.