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The Buyerarchy of Needs

One of the things we discovered during the pandemic was how much stuff we have. Being at home for that long really highlighted that our stuff takes up too much of our space.

This also meant discovering our local Buy Nothing groups on Facebook and giving away much of this stuff to folks who need it. Or at least could better use it.

Which is why our first piece, by Kara of BravelyGo, struck a chord. It introduces us to a framework on the front side of stuff – when you buy it.

(also, the first food shopping example of lentils was spot on… that little half bag has been in our cabinet for years)

The Buyerarchy of Needs [BravelyGo] – “Much like values based spending, the buyerarchy of needs asks that you get in touch with your personal needs, desires, and lifestyle choices. It asks: do you really need a new top, or can you ask to borrow one from your sister? Borrowing saves you money, time, and is better for the planet- let’s do that! Initially created with clothing shopping in mind, the buyerarchy of needs can be slightly adjusted and applied to any area of spending.”

At 88, Poker Legend Doyle Brunson Is Still Bluffing. Or Is He? [Texas Monthly] – “In poker lore, the best stories tend to begin with jackpot wins, steady nerves, or the occasional threat of murder. Doyle Brunson has all those tall tales—and we’ll get to them in due time. He has won millions while bluffing, stared down killers in parking lots, and pried his chips—quite literally—from the hands of death.”

The Simple Solution to Traffic“… I wish more people watched this.