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The boy and the heron.

It’s a freaky Friday, friends, and that means it’s time for us to share some fun stories here at Apex Money! Let’s see what I’ve gathered to take you into the weekend…

The perks of part-time work. [One Frugal Girl] — “My work ethic helped me move up the corporate ladder and padded my bank accounts, but I needed to move my body more throughout the day. I allowed my focus on coding to distract me from many other essential aspects of my life, like eating and exercising…This part-time job is perfect for me. I don’t have to think about work before or after I arrive. I complete my tasks and then go home, but the structure of going to work forces me to plan my day.”

Is gold a good investment? [Monevator] — My answer to this question? No. Monevator’s answer? “I’m still ambivalent about whether gold is a good investment.” There are so many other things that offer better track records that I’m not sure why anyone still pursues gold. It’s just crazy.

There’s always another way to make money. [Becoming Minimalist] — “If you genuinely resonate with a desire to seek more meaningful work, don’t be paralyzed by the potential monetary implications. Remember, there’s more than one way to earn. You can find new work—something more fulfilling.”

Lastly, here’s something I’ve been awaiting a long time: the trailer to Hayao Miyazaki’s (supposedly) final film, The Boy and the Heron.

I’m a huge fan of Studio Ghibli. Even when their films aren’t perfect, they are. (Does that make sense?) I’m okay with the dull parts in Spirited Away or the overlong running time of Princess Mononoke. It’s all so beautiful and magical and necessary.

Anyhow, The Boy and the Heron comes to the U.S. on December 8. And although it’s officially the last film from Hayao Miyazaki, he’s already announced that he’s un-retired to tackle another project.

(True story: As my first independent watercolor project, I tried to reproduce one of Miyazaki’s design drawings for Kiki’s Delivery Service. although much of what I did looks great, some of it looks crappy so I’m going to redo it. If I get it right, I’ll share it at my personal site.)

p.s. Look at that gorgeous kerning on the “oy” in “boy” for the title! And the eye in the “o” of “heron” (and the kerning of the “ro”). Love it.