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The Boring Middle

The “boring middle” is a really interesting phrase. It refers to that part of a process where you’re kind of in rinse and repeat mode.

You just discovered something fresh and new, so you’re excited. Then there’s a long stretch where you’re just executing and it can seem a bit boring because there’s little novelty.

The Boring Middle [Broke Girl Rich] – “Set goals, contribute money towards goals, repeat for 30-40 years. Make extra money, contribute extra towards the goals, repeat for maybe 20-30 instead. Though, let’s be honest, I work in the arts, so we’re probably looking at that later time frame. And so it’s the boring middle.”

A Brief History of American Money [Go Curry Cracker!] – “Last fall during a trip to Virginia, we stopped into the American Civil War Museum in Richmond. Among the many well-crafted displays was an excellent exhibit on the history of American money and how the currency we know and use today began as a result of the war.” Very cool!

The personality traits of self-made and inherited millionaires [Nature] – “Result 1: The rich are more risk tolerant, open, extraverted, and conscientious, but less neurotic than the general population” Hmmm…