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The best deal in the world.

Today is Tuesday, my friends, and you’re at Apex Money. Here are the juicy money links we’ve collected for you today:

The best deal in the world right now. [Raptitude] — “Why don’t people pay the quite-reasonable price for the best medicine in existence? Having been someone who has both paid in full, refused to pay, and paid inconsistently, I think most of the resistance boils down perceiving the cost as higher than it really is, and the rewards as smaller than they really are.”

How to craft a harmonious life. [Psyche] — “Neither work nor leisure time must satisfy all your psychological needs. Instead, each role in life you have (eg, experienced foreman, loving husband, caring son, dedicated Red Cross volunteer and avid chess player) plays an important part in an orchestra. Coordination of these different roles, and satisfaction of needs via active engagement in these roles, results in what we call ‘life domain harmony’ – the symphony of your life.” [A long article, but one filled with excellent practical advice.]

Rising text-message scams are draining U.S. bank accounts. [The Guardian] — “Text scams can be even harder to avoid than those that come via phone call or email, consumer advocates say, because it’s a communication style with more urgency and one we’re more inclined to trust, since typically people only use texts to communicate with someone they know well.”

Lastly, here’s a link that’s not like anything I usually share. I’m not sure where I saw this, but it doesn’t matter. Here’s an online Car Mechanics video course. It costs $25 for lifetime access.

I’m not a car guy. In fact, I recognize that I’m woefully ignorant when it comes to cars. I bought this course to help fill in some gaps. (By the way, I get no compensation for sending you to this.) It probably helps that the car they tear down and rebuild is a Mazda Miata, which is the same car I own. But still, at $25 I think this could be interesting for a lot of people…