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The best career decision you can possibly make.

Hello, friends, and welcome to another week. Here in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, the late summer days have been beautiful lately. It doesn’t feel like autumn yet…but it feels close to autumn and it’s awesome.

Speaking of awesome, take a look at these articles I’ve gathered for you today.

The untold story of Napoleon Hill, the greatest self-help scammer of all time. [Gizmodo] — I’m going to lead off the wekk by linking to a story that Jim just featured to last Thursday. Why? Because if you haven’t read it yet, you should. It’s a l-o-n-g and interesting account of the life of Napoleon Hill, one of the folks who helped launch the modern self-help industry — and a scam artist to the core. People like Hill and the shit they sell have made it difficult for legit folks to actually provide helpful info to others…

How to choose your college degree. [Gian Segato] — “Until recently, college management and students’ career planning was my core professional focus: I had the privilege to notice first-hand how students approach decision-making, what works, what doesn’t, and how wrong sometimes it can get. I have a few ideas to share that might make the decision easier.” Sidenote: I love the design of this site. Love it.

The best career decision you can possibly make. [Ryan Holiday] — “BE YOU. Be the only one of you in the whole world. Be the red. That’s where the fun is (without having to fake it). That’s where the money is (you can name your price). That’s where the value is (you can’t be replaced).”

20 ways to simplify your life to create more ease and space. [Balance Through Simplicity] — “Simplifying your life is about focusing on what’s important to you. It’s about finding easier ways to do the things that you have to do and giving yourself more wriggle room for the things you want to do. Simplicity isn’t a magic wand for an easy life, but in my experience, it definitely makes things easier.”

Okay, that’s all I have for this Monday. I’ll be back tomorrow with more great stories about personal finance. See you then.