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The best advantage in life.

Welcome to Apex Money. It’s a big day today, and not just because it’s Friday. Today, my girlfriend and I get the keys to our new house!

This is the culmination of a six-month process during which we sold our old place, then rented while seeking a new one. We’re very excited to start this new chapter in our lives.

Before we can finish packing and moving, however, I’m going to share a handful of money stories to take us into the weekend.

How to raise financially literate kids. [Tread Lightly, Retire Early] — “Raising kind, compassionate humans is much more important than raising money savvy ones, but having your finances in order means you are capable to do so much more. As long as we living in a capitalist society, money matters, and it’s important we teach our children to navigate that works.”

How to hedge the housing market. [A Wealth of Common Sense] – “The bottom 80% in terms of wealth in the United States have nearly 65% of their wealth in their primary residence and just 12% in financial assets. By contrast, the top 1% has just 9% of their assets tied up in their primary residence and 74% of their wealth in financial assets. It’s understandable to be worried about having the majority of your wealth in your house.”

The best advantage in life? Rich parents. [Of Dollars and Data] — “It’s not just having richer parents within your country of origin that matters, but how rich your parents are relative to the rest of the world as well…This is why being born into a rich family can be such a huge advantage in society. It will determine your peer group, your educational choices, and much more.”

Is real-estate investing worth the time and energy? [Passive Income M.D.] — “I know it can feel like there’s a lot to learn when it comes to real estate investing. However, in order to create monthly passive cash flow (that can buy your time back), it will always take an upfront investment of time, energy, or money. Perhaps all three. But once it gets going, the investment is well worth whatever it took to make it happen.”

And that’s it for this week. As soon as this published, I’m going to start loading the truck with all of our Earthly belongings. Wish us luck! And come back again on Monday, when my buddy Jim will share more of the best from the world of personal finance.