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The Batman effect

I’m friends with several people who, to varying degrees, are famous on the internet. They’ve given talks in front of thousands of people, they sell a variety of courses, and they’re very much in the public eye.

You could say that every single one of them has a public persona and a private one. The two will have some overlap but the public persona is the one that most people are familiar with. The amplitude on certain characteristics is heightened.

Turns out, either by accident or by design, this is a good strategy:

The ‘Batman Effect’: How having an alter ego empowers you
[BBC] – “How do the world’s top stars muster the poise and determination to stand on stage, despite the nerves and anxiety of having a bad performance? For both Beyoncé and Adele, the secret has been the creation of an alter ego.”

I love slow travel. I didn’t know we were doing it when we would visit places for a month during summers when the kids were off school. I 100% recommend it and I fell in love with this post by A Purple Life about Phuket:

Slow Travel Review: Phuket, Thailand – The Land Of Sea & Food [A Purple Life] – “I want to talk about the month I spent living in Phuket, Thailand and give you all the tips and tricks I stumbled and embarrassed myself into knowing 🙂 . Hopefully this will help you in the future if you plan to go to Thailand in general or Phuket specifically.” The photos of the food… drool. 🙂

If You Have This, You Don’t Need To Worry About Losing Your Job [The Making of a Millionaire] – “The emergency fund, of course. And I’m not talking about a 3–6 month emergency fund — though this is an excellent baseline. I’m talking about a 1–2 year emergency fund. If you have plenty of savings to last you, not just for a rainy day but for an entire rainy season, you’re good to go and can relinquish any financial fears about unemployment.” It’s good to make decisions from a position of strength!