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The art of money.

Hello, friends, and welcome to Tuesday. Looks like I’ve managed to put together a second installment of Apex Money this week despite all the health crises in my family. How’s that for dedication? Here’s what I have for you.

Explaining sequence of returns risk (and why it matters). [Monevator] — “Sequence of returns risk is the risk that fate will deal you a shocking hand. That the timing of bear markets and bull markets will fall worse for you than for another investor. This danger is especially high when you’re taking money out of a portfolio during a market crash.”

The art of money. [The Root of All] — “Money is one part data and math, two parts imagination and personal awareness. The science is the data and information we gather; the art is what we decide to do with it. So, how can we think more artistically about money? And, how can it specifically improve our relationship with money? Well, let’s learn from the artists themselves.”

The productivity funnel. [Cal Newport] — “In the most general sense, productivity is about navigating from a large constellation of possible things you could be doing to the actual execution of a much smaller number of things each day…To make sense of these varied journeys from a broad array of potential activity to the narrowed scope of actual execution, I often imagine the three-level funnel diagramed above.”

How minimalism can help your finances. [The Balance] — “Embracing minimalism does not mean that you stop spending money, but it can mean that you spend it on other things and your focus may change from making money to enjoying life. Here are [eight] ways minimalism can help your finances.”

Our video feature today is just for fun (as usual). It’s a silly three-minute YouTube video that imagines what might happen if regular people were cooking show judges.

I’m not sure why I find this so hilarious, but I do. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent far too much time watching The Great British Bake Show this year.

Okay, that’s TWO DAYS I’ve managed this week. Will my busy life allow me to publish a third? A fourth? Maybe even a fifth? Come back tomorrow to find out…