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The art of keeping it simple

Simple is usually better, but people don’t make as much money when you buy simple things. 😂

The art of keeping it simple [Financial Times] – “1. How many assets do you really need in your long-term portfolio?

In principle, you do not really need more than two: a global equity fund and a broad bond fund in your own currency, with the relative amounts a function of your return needs, ability to withstand short-term drawdowns, and need to control long-term risk on your ultimate portfolio. This gives you very good diversification, clarity and simplicity on what you are holding, and high liquidity with minimum costs if held through passive funds, mutual or exchange traded (ETFs).”

Tomorrow Is Not Your Friend [Minihabits] – “It’s natural to think of tomorrow in an opportunistic way. Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start… but so was today! Remember when you thought so yesterday? Since we only live in today and it accurately predicts what we’ll do later, tomorrow is relatively worthless. And that’s not all. Tomorrow’s mere presence seems to lead us into poor decisions. Not only is it not your friend—tomorrow is your enemy!”

The Truth About Aging—Why Some People Seem to Age Faster Than Others [Blue Zones] – “However, no two people age the same. Although age is the principal risk factor for several chronic diseases, it is an unreliable indicator of how quickly your body will decline or how susceptible you are to age-related disease. This is because there is a difference between your chronological age, or the number of years you’ve been alive, and your biological age – your physical and functional ability.”

FYI, free at-home COVID-19 tests are back – get them from the USPS.