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The 30 day money rule

Today’s going to be a bit of a grab bag of articles. One of the fun things about doing Apex is that I accumulate articles that I think are really good into a separate file.

Then, when it’s my turn to host a week, I try to weave them into a theme.

Today has no theme except that all the posts in this one are very good, deserve more attention, and I hope you find one that is valuable for you (or someone you care about) right now. If so, please forward it along to them so they can enjoy it too.

OK let’s get into it!

What is the 30 Day Rule? | Take Control of Impulse Spending [Millennial Money Man] – “Impulse spending is one of the hardest habits to curb. But there’s one powerful practice that can help you make smarter purchases and save money: the 30-day rule.

It’s simple in theory and you’re not denying yourself anything, but what the 30-day rule teaches you can ripple across your financial life so you’re making more responsible choices overall.

We’ve all been in situations when the 30-day rule would prevent impulse spending, and you’ll find yourself there again and again. So the next time you’re there, try the 30-day rule and see what happens.”

Debt Freedom Doesn’t Equal Wealth [The Budgetnista] – “I’m saying that as much as I love and value tackling debt, it’s important to remember that doing so will NOT build wealth.”

Adam should’ve titled this the Ultimate Guide because it’s that great, but I suppose “complete” is fine too. 🙂

The Complete Guide to Withdrawing Funds Early From Your 401(k), IRA and Roth IRA [Minafi] – “The three most popular retirement accounts used in the United States are the 401(k), the Traditional Individual Retirement Account (also just called an IRA), and the Roth IRA. Each has slightly different rules for accessing them.”

And now the “fun” article – The Real Butlers of the .001 Percent [GQ] – “Call it Downton Abbey syndrome: The newest trend among the world’ s ultra-rich—like, royalty-grade, private-plane-owning Scrooge McDuck rich—is to have a butler. But what type of person would willingly give over his life to serving the outrageously moneyed? As ** David Katz ** discovers, these are men and women with boundless grace, innate propriety, and the wherewithal to quickly hide six hookers on a mega-yacht.”

Now go out (or stay in) and seize the day, Apexian!