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Thank you

It’s Thanksgiving in the United States today and I wanted to thank you for being a subscriber of Apex Money.

For J.D. and me, this has always been a fun project that has allowed us to share the fascinating things we find on the internet. It’s really nothing more than that.

We have no grand ambitions to turn this into a business or to “monetize” it with advertisements, we just want to share the things we find in the hopes that you enjoy them too. The only metric we ever look at is how many people sign up for the email newsletter. It shows us that people like it and, hopefully, share it with their friends.

If you like us, tell a friend, forward this email – it would really make our day. 🙂

As a bribe, I want to share with you a video that I think is absolutely hilarious because I’m really, deep down inside, just a 9-year-old boy – testing the wobbliness of hot dogs.

(this video is not indicative of the stuff we send out … OK, maybe a little bit)

Thanksgiving may look different this year but we hope you’re able to spend it with some folks you care about.

We’ll be back on Monday.