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Tech makes our lives faster, not easier.

Good morning, money nerds. It’s Tuesday and I’m late with Apex Money again haha. I blame lack of sleep.

You see, I often struggle to sleep well when I travel. Things are worse when I have to get up at 3 a.m. in order to catch my flight, as happened Sunday morning. Here we are on Tuesday, and I’m still struggling. Oh well. That may just be how it goes this week.

In any event, here are the money stories I’ve gathered for you today.

“What backpacking taught me about minimalism.” [No Sidebar] — “When you hit the trails, you’re experiencing minimalism in its purest form. You’re spending long days out in nature, with zero distractions and just the bare essentials strapped to your back. It’s essentially a crash course in minimalism that will redefine your understanding of what it means to live with less. And the best part? The lessons you learn on the trail extend far beyond the wilderness.”

How to become a killer negotiator. [The Telegraph at Pocket (to bypass paywall)] — “Remember it’s a win/win situation you are looking to achieve. You want the other party to feel good about the decision they made and happy that they got what they wanted. If you always come out on top with others feeling cheated, you build a bad reputation and this will make others wary of attempting a transaction with you.”

Tech doesn’t make our lives easier. It makes them faster. [Altered States of Monetary Consciousness] — “Imagine it’s the mid-1700s and you live three miles from the meadow where you work the soil. It takes you an hour to walk there along a rough path. Now fast-forward two hundred years. The rough path has been replaced with a smooth highway, and now it takes only ten minutes to drive to the same point by car. Surely you’ve saved 50 minutes? Maybe you can relax in that time, read poetry and smell flowers. But that’s not what happens…You’re still going to travel for an hour to work, but you’ll now drive at 30mph for 30 miles, instead of walking at 3mph for three.” This is a long-ish, kind of convoluted piece but it contains an interesting thesis. Well worth reading.

And that’s all I have for this Tuesday. I promise that tomorrow’s installment will not be late…because I’m going to write it up right now! 😉