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Take risks early and often while you still can!

When you’re younger, it’s easier to take risks and do “weird things.” You’re only responsible for yourself – no family, no mortgage, no [insert responsibility here]. The challenge is realizing it early enough so that you take the risks. We often stop ourselves because we don’t want to take risks because we have so little. It’s the fact that we have so little to lose (and so much time to regain it even if we do take a misstep) that is our advantage.

Do The Weird Things Now Because One Day You Won’t Be Able To [Financial Panther] – “When no one else relied on me to take care of them, it was much easier to live life outside of the ordinary. But having a kid changed all of that. I’m not comfortable with sharing my space with strangers anymore. I still bike everywhere with my kid, but there’s no doubt that I probably have to drive more than if I only had to transport myself.”

Why Creating Additional Income Streams is No Longer Optional [Peter Kim, Passive Income MD, on The Physician Philosopher] – “Pre-Y2K, an M.D. pretty much-guaranteed prosperity. You’d pretty much always be able to find a job and that job would pay well enough that you didn’t have to worry about much, financially speaking. Those student loans? No big deal! You’re all but guaranteed an income that means those payments are no problem at all. As long as you didn’t throw your money around carelessly, you’d be just fine. Now? That job security and income security aren’t so much a guarantee.” While the target audience are existing physicians, it applies to nearly everyone.

The Broken Clock [Of Dollars And Data] – “This explains why the biggest story in FinTwit right now is about a hamster who is beating the S&P 500 by trading cryptocurrencies. The hamster, known as Mr. Goxx, has been trading from the Goxx Box, a room outfitted to turn his behavior into actual trades. Mr. Goxx uses a hamster wheel to select a cryptocurrency and two decision tunnels to either buy or sell that particular cryptocurrency:” Skip the part about Kiyosaki, go straight to the crypto trading hamster!

This video is beautiful, something to enjoy even if you don’t play golf: