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Streaming for money is hard

A few months ago, all of Twitch was leaked online. Everything.

Source code. Payouts. Everything.

The juicy part, as it always tends to be, is how much money some of the streamers were making:

via @KnowSomething

It’s pretty wild to learn that some streamers were making five and six figures every single month. The reality is that it’s no different than many other industries, especially entertainment. This isn’t much different than sports or musicians. You have those at the very top making great money but the vast majority of them don’t.

Up all night with a Twitch millionaire: The loneliness and rage of the Internet’s new rock stars [Wall Street Journal] – “Ten hours a day, streamers are broadcasting lives of obsession and wealth for an unforgiving crowd. How long can any of them last?” And this guy is one of the high earners! (15th!)

Comfort Zones Are Where Dreams Go To Die [1500 Days to Freedom] – “While I was installing solar panels and demolishing/rebuilding my kitchen, I was also preparing for one of the biggest (and most terrifying!) challenges of my life, speaking in front of 400+ fellow humans at EconoMe. Today, I’ll tell you how I got the speaker gig, why I did it, what I got out of it, and why you should attempt similarly scary things.”

Finally, I enjoyed this piece about The Rock:

Dwayne Johnson Lets Down His Guard [Vanity Fair]