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I love this first article – from the child-prodigy founder Dr. Alex Oshmyansky to Mark Cuban to why Oshmyansky got into drugs at cost (when Martin Shkreli jacked up the price of a drug to $750 a pill) – it’s awesome on every level. is going to change prescription drugs and I’m here for it and hope more people hear about it.

Meet the Genius Who Convinced Mark Cuban to Sell Drugs [D Magazine] – “Since the pharmacy opened at the beginning of the year, the company’s Twitter feed has been filled with customers singing its praises. Jennifer Fariello Moldwin is a nurse practitioner in New York who recommends the service to many of her patients. A specialist in urology and gynecology, she has patients who were paying $300 to $400 per month for their medications and are now paying $30 per month via Cost Plus. “It’s timesaving for us, it’s cost saving for the patients, and it’s timesaving for the patients,” she says.”

Outside the Parameters of a Normal, Safe Life [Retire Before Dad] – “A salary is like an addiction, enabling people to maintain a comfortable lifestyle at the cost of 40-50 per week. The addiction squeezes tighter when our families grow, and a steady income becomes necessary to cover monthly expenses. It’s more comfortable to steer clear of big risks, such as changing careers or starting a business, in favor of predictability — even if the status quo is unfulfilling.”

The next time Wikipedia asks for a donation, ignore it [Unherd] – ” He put the running costs at $10 million a year. Being generous, as some costs fall every year, let’s double that. Wikipedia can operate quite comfortably with the cash it has already, without running another banner ad, for twenty years. So where does the money go? Not on the people doing the actual work on the site, of course. Wikipedia’s Administrators and maintainers, who tweak the entries and correct the perpetual vandalism, don’t get paid a penny — they’re all volunteers.” oh, hmmm…