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Stop letting the news control your life.

It’s Friday! Friday! Friday! And although I’m a few hours late, I’m here (as always) with some of the best money stories from around the web. Stories like these…

TikTok is not a fiduciary. [Surviving and Thriving] — “No matter where you get your money edumacation, remember that it’s never one-size-fits-all. It can’t be. A guy who’s just finished a two-year HVAC program is likely to have lots of job offers and maybe even a signing bonus. His options are completely different than those of a 23-year-old with massive student loans and a modest starter salary.”

How to stop letting the news control your life. [Steve Adcock] — “I slowly began to realize a giant flaw in my assumption. I wasn’t staying informed at all. I wasn’t helping society a bit, and it damn well wasn’t improving my overall happiness. Instead, I was letting myself fall victim to information warfare, designed – not just reported, by hugely-profitable entities with a direct and verifiable interest in keeping me tuned in.”

Some Chinese have shunned grueling careers for a “low-desire life”. [Associated Press] — “The trend echoes similar ones in Japan and other countries where young people have embraced anti-materialist lifestyles in response to bleak job prospects and bruising competition for shrinking economic rewards.”

Welcome to the church of Bitcoin. [Rolling Stone] — “Ask Bitcoiners (and I mean real, hardcore Bitcoin acolytes, not cryptotourists dabbling in dogecoin) what Bitcoin means to them and you’ll find that they grow passionate and misty-eyed. Often, becoming a Bitcoiner is not all that dissimilar from the transformative awakening of someone who’s undergone a radical spiritual conversion.”

And I will leave you today with this lovely — almost fake — 34-second video of fireflies on a summer night.

Kim and I saw something similar to this (but better!) in northeastern Oklahoma during our 15-month RV trip. It was amazing. We don’t get lightning bugs here in Oregon. I’m not sure they exist west of the Rockies. So, it’s always a pleasure to experience them in real life.

That’s it, my friends. I’m out of here. Jim will be back on Monday with another week of financial goodness. See you then.