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Speak up for yourself

J.D. doesn’t like to share posts that he writes so I’m going to share this one because I loved it! 🙂

A lesson in speaking up for yourself: I saved $575 for a moment of discomfort [Get Rich Slowly] – “Like all humans, I have flaws. One of mine is that I hate confrontation. It’s a family thing. I’m not sure why, but none of us like conflict. Sure, this trait has some upsides. My brothers and I don’t get into a lot of arguments and fights with our family and friends. And when we do have conflict, we do our best to resolve things quickly.” I don’t like confrontation either and I also don’t like unscrupulous business owners, I’m glad J.D.’s issue was resolved quickly and he had the awareness to stand up for himself!

This happens in a lot of situations and people sometimes rely on the fact that people often dislike confrontation – it’s bad business but it works sometimes, which is why people do it!

Looking At Our Daycare Costs (And Why We Send Our Son To Daycare) [Financial Panther] – “At the end of each year, my son’s daycare sends us a PDF that details how much tuition we paid. It’s a helpful bit of information to have. My family is fortunate to be in a position where we don’t have to budget to meet our financial goals, so we’re always admittedly unclear about how much we’ve spent in any given category each year. Outside of our mortgage, taxes, and other fixed costs, I often don’t know what we actually spent on things.” We’ve sent all of our kids to daycare too and while it’s extremely expensive, it’s worth every penny! (seeing the PDF at the end of the year for tax purposes is certainly eye opening though!)

Hidden Dangers of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps [Frugal Rules] – “If you’re like many people, you may not always have adequate funds to make a purchase. This could cause you to either use a credit card and risk ensuing debt or delay the purchase until you have the necessary cash. However, a financial tool with growing popularity eliminates that problem. Buy now, pay later (BNPL) apps allow consumers to buy something online even if they don’t have the cash they need. Our guide shares why you might want to avoid using this resource and how it can wreck your finances.”