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21 Small Actions That Will Make You Richer

We often think success comes with massive gains…

… but in reality, you just need to be consistently improving.

1% better every day means you’ll be almost 38x better at the end of the year.

Our first post includes some of those small steps you can take to make you richer.

21 Small Actions That Will Make You Richer [Darius Foroux] – “A financially consistent person is dedicated to getting richer just a little bit, year after year. It’s about doing the least amount of saving and investing to grow one’s net worth. If you are financially consistent, it’s a guarantee you will become wealthier over time. It’s all about how well you execute the little things. ”

Deep Habits: Read Less, But Better [Simplify & Enjoy] – “It’s great if you can read a book a week. With work and family commitments, I’ve managed to achieve this. However, I’m not only aiming to read more; I’m striving to read better.”

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