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Should you die with zero?

Well, we’ve made it to another Friday, money nerds. But before you sally off into the sunset for some much-needed relaxation, I’ve gathered one last batch of money stories to share with you this week. Here you go…

What I learned from starting a vending-machine business. [Action Economics] — “This vending machine business is in line with my long term goals. I want to take massive imperfect action to move my life forward and I want to create opportunities for my children to build wealth and learn finance at a young age to give them a massive head start when they enter adulthood.”

The secret superpower of the mini-retirement. [Josh Overmyer] — “These steps allow the mini-retiree with low or no income to make massive changes to the amount of future taxes owed, all because they have planned ahead a little bit. This is not ‘cheating’ the tax code – it is making smart decisions and paying only the taxes due and not a dollar more.”

How thinking about ‘future you’ can build a happier life. [BBC Worklife] — “In one experiment, the participants were presented with various scenarios in which they could either receive a smaller reward soon or a larger reward later. As expected, participants who felt a greater connection to the future were much more willing to delay their gratification and wait for the bigger sum.”

Should you die with zero? [RadReads] — “Meet Bill Perkins and his provocative book Die With Zero. The concept is deceptively simple. If you die with > 0 in your bank account, you failed at fully optimizing your life.There’s a lot here to unpack. A lot of nuance. And a lot of things we don’t like openly discussing.”

To close out the week, here’s a cynical little four-minute cartoon from Steve Cutts. It’s called “Happiness”. It’s a comical (yet sad) look at the rat trap that is the modern pursuit of happiness.

With that, let’s head into the weekend. Have a good one, my friends!