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Short sellers aren’t all bad

While everyone wants the stock market to go up, short sellers want some part of it to go down. And, for the most part, they get a bad rap.

These days, short sellers are far more savvy. They don’t hope that a company is overpriced, they look for the ones they know are overpriced. They look for companies where there appears to be some shadiness (or just a little creative accounting) that may be inflating a stock’s price.

When they find it, they pounce… and then tell the whole world about it so the drop happens fasters.

What a world. 🙂

Would You Pay a 22-Year-Old Stanford Grad to Expose Wrongdoing? [Institutional Investor] – “At an age [22] when his peers are still learning the ropes, Dorsey is putting out a successful newsletter about a sector of investing that doesn’t get the sustained coverage it arguably should: activist short-selling, betting against a company’s stock while alleging fraud or other problems.”

How to Buy Gifts That People Actually Want [Will Patrick] – “Every year, we buy more bad gifts than we realise and nobody tells us about it. Here’s how to avoid the most common pitfalls and to use psychology to drastically improve your gift-giving game.”

Start Meeting Your Money Goals with a Yearly Budget Plan [Cash for Tacos] – “When people think of budgeting, they typically think of a monthly budget. And while the monthly budget is a useful tool for many, over the years I realized there was something missing from it. I kept finding myself overspending each month and therefore I wasn’t able to meet my savings goals. Saving money was an afterthought and unplanned expenses kept popping up. What I finally realized is that my monthly budget missed the big picture. It focused only on a single month, which often forgets those pesky non-monthly expenses and long-term money goals. And that is when I developed my own yearly budget.”

Country Boy [Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain] – “I will tell you from numerous visits — when you are sitting at the sushi bar at Masa, eating the most insanely high test rice and fish in the world, prepared by the man himself, you can be assured that though someone somewhere on the planet might just possibly be eating as well as you — NO ONE is eating better.”

Have a great weekend!