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Seven things rich people never do.

It’s Friday, my friends. You’ve reached the end of another week. But before you head off for friends and family and fun, here are few last money stories for your edification…

When the founder of Amazon encourages you to stop buying, maybe you should listen. [Becoming Minimalist] — “When the wise thing to do is delay purchases, companies and marketers are going to be working harder to compel you to spend. This crescendo will reach a fever pitch over the next two months. So how do we keep from falling into their trap?”

The other answer. [Humble Dollar] — “There are usually two answers to every personal-finance question: There’s what the calculator says—and then there’s how you feel about it. What does that mean in practice? Let’s look at an example.”

Rich friends, poor friends. [Monevator] — “Surrounding yourself with rich friends is a well-known strategy for making more money…There’s plenty of scientific research to back up this folksy-sounding advice.”

Seven things rich people never do. [Darius Foroux] — “It’s attractive to talk about all the things rich people do and how you can build wealth. A large part of my work focuses on the right actions we should undertake to get wealthy. But what I don’t always share is how I figured out the right actions. Most of the time it’s a matter of looking at the wrong options and doing the opposite.”

To close things out, here’s a six-minute video from the TED-Ed channel on YouTube. It’s all about why you procrastinate even when it makes you feel bad.

“Procrastination is a result of our bodies trying to protect us.” !?!??!?! I imagine the voice of Mr. Spock: “Fascinating.”

My body tries to protect me a lot.

Okay, that’s all for this week. Jim will be back with more on Monday. And I’ll be back after Thanksgiving. See you then!