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Self employment is great except for all the bad parts

Working for yourself has benefits and drawbacks – one of the big drawbacks is that there isn’t much of a playbook for what you should be doing.

You learn by making mistakes and a lot of new business owners make the same mistakes over and over again.

First post of the day is by Piggy of Bitches Get Riches and it covers 11 mistakes she made and how you can avoid them:

11 Awful Mistakes I Made as a Self-Employed Freelancer, and How YOU Can Avoid Them [Bitches Get Riches] – “In order to get work as a freelancer, you need to prove that you can do it. And in many fields, that means having a lengthy list of former clients you can use as references, or a nice thicc portfolio.

When I started freelancing Iā€¦ did not have those things. Instead, I bumbled around like a drunk baby panda until I fell into success entirely by happy accident.”

How Owning Assets is Better than a Job. [The Frugal Expat] – “As we get closer and closer to our retirement ages, people want to make sure their assets can cover them as they age. The problem is that if you have not acquired enough assets you will have to continue to work.” A good reminder though easier said than done!

Fun tongue in cheek syllabus for making new friends! šŸ™‚

Course Syllabus for Making New Friends as an Adult [The New Yorker] – “Making new friends as an adult is difficult, especially for students who have just turned thirty and are approaching the precipice of death. This class will teach you how to navigate this emotionally demanding field, so that you can finally make new friends who will never find out about that one time you ate mulch for seven dollars.”

Who else is currently watching Schitt’s Creek for the first time?