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See the world, they said…

Do you enjoy traveling?

When it comes to vacations, I like going to new places where I can see the sights, eat the food, and explore aimlessly. I’m not much of a “go to the beach and hang out”-type, though I do enjoy those vacations as well when it’s with friends and family.

My ideal vacation is going somewhere brand new where I can see and experience how the locals live their daily lives. Sometimes this means going for a longer period of time, so you don’t have the rush of seeing and doing everything touristy, but when it works out it’s wonderful.

It dovetails nicely with our first post today:

Traveling to 45 Countries Taught Me These 8 Things About Money [Retire Before Dad] – “A week after graduating from college, I flew to London and spent the summer riding trains and sleeping in hostels around Europe. […] As a cheap backpacker living on $15-$20 per day, everything I bought was from a local store, market, or restaurant, and I never paid tourist prices. I bargained at every turn to save money because each dollar I kept extended the length of my trip. By age 34, I traveled to 45 countries in Asia, Europe, and South and Central America. The most vivid memories are the human acts of kindness I encountered. A close second is the stories about money. Here are eight things I learned about money while traveling the world.”

The Biggest Secret the Library Offers to Enrich Your Life [Route to Retire] – “Today, I’m excited to talk about one of the biggest secrets the library offers. It might not be a secret to everyone, but I had no idea about it! It’s something that can definitely enrich your life and help you become all the wiser!” – Tip #2 is the one that got me to feature Jim’s blog today. I didn’t know a plugin existed that showed you if an Amazon book was available at your library!

How Fatherhood Sparked My Desire For Financial Independence [Marriage Kids and Money] – “We decided that the 3-pack of pregnancy tests was the best way to go. She’d take two tests and I’d take another one. That way, we’d be triply positive that these little white sticks weren’t defective. Much to our extreme delight, my test was negative (phew!) and both of Nicole’s tests were positive. Those incredible pink plus signs had us jumping around our tiny bungalow like two kids on a sugar high. We were high! We were going to be parents! Up until this point, I had focused a lot on my own personal joy and that of my new wife. Now it was time to think about our child and our child’s future.”

Lastly, everyone loves a good treasure hunt – especially if it’s for … cocaine? Hmmmm.

The Great Cocaine Treasure Hunt [GQ] – “If you knew where a million dollars’ worth of blow was buried, would you go dig it up? Rodney Hyden would. We pick up the story at this critical juncture.” I’m not going to lie – if I knew where a million dollars of cocaine was buried, I’d stay far far away. People who bury a million dollars of cocaine are happy to bury a lot of things.

Have a great day!