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Searching for the Horizon

Our first post coasting into the weekend is a gem.

I love analogies. Especially very simple ones.

So when Kevin Mahoney’s short post started with a spinning chair and ended with a simple concept that I hope to internalize, I knew I had to share it.

Searching for the Horizon [Kevin Mahoney] – “Our investment decisions, for example, regularly feel like they’re going haywire. When the stock market jumps in value, we’re sure that a steep decline lies ahead. So we hold off on investing, and then miss out on future gains. And in times of economic crisis, we become certain that the market has further to fall. So we abandon our investments, locking in losses that could have been temporary.

But it was only that uncomfortable feeling of an uncertain outcome that made us want to “throw the controls over, to make the spinning stop.””

The Real Story Behind the 17th-Century ‘Tulip Mania’ Financial Crash [History] – “But according to historian Anne Goldgar, Mackay’s tales of huge fortunes lost and distraught people drowning themselves in canals are more fiction than fact. Goldgar, a professor of early modern history at King’s College London and author of Tulipmania: Money, Honor and Knowledge in the Dutch Golden Age, understands why Mackay’s myth-making has endured.” I’m not sure what is more surprising, that tulip-mania was mostly made up or that History Channel has something about history. 😂 (I kid, I kid!)

You got canned [this is the top] – “Losing your job sucks. When the income faucet turns off, things get weird real quick. The stress and pressure mounts and you’re easily at risk of making short-term mistakes that impact your long-term financial landscape. But all is not lost (just your job). I help people navigate these murky waters all the time. Let’s look at what you can do when you show up to the office and your swipe card stops working.” Good practical advice on what to do if you’re fired. Hope you never need it!

Have a great weekend!