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Scarcity nurtures a fertile environment for creativity

If you have a lot of money, many of life’s problems are easy to solve.

Are you hungry? Just order food. You won’t ever need to cook it yourself which means you’ll never learn how to cook, let alone turn simple ingredients into something delicious.

Need to get somewhere? Just call an Uber ride. You won’t ever need to drive yourself or own a car or learn how to change a flat tire. Or check your oil.

Scarcity helps you become a more creative person because it’s a necessity. It doesn’t feel like it as you live it, but it is a gift.

The Gift of the Struggle [ESI Money] – “When I say “the gift of the struggle”, I mean the positive benefits derived from having a tough financial life at a young age. The benefits are gained from living with and working through life challenges caused by having limited resources.”

ABCs of Wealth: Guest Post by Vicki Robin [Triple Bottom Line FI] – “National Currency is the trading chits in the money system: dollars, financial markets, debt, etc. Natural Currency is the flow of gifts, services and mutual aid between people in communities of place or of tribe. It’s all the helping hands, all the skills, all the hot dishes, all the listening ears, all the celebrations and ceremonies, all the rituals and theater and on and on and on… in short, all the good stuff in life. In the FI program, we build both national currency capital and natural currency wealth to have a happy and free life.”

And to round out the week, here’s the fun piece I’ve snuck in:

12 Shocking Things I Learned by Working as a Butler at the Plaza Hotel [Bloomberg] – “Old-school service is alive and well at the Plaza: High tea treats are served in brass birdcages, tuxedo-clad bellman whisk away luggage to gilded suites, and chefs bear toques that tower above their heads. But in the age of Amazon Prime—when we all want everything now—what is it really like blending vestigial aristocratic assistance with light-speed wish fulfillment?”

Have a great weekend!