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Rule #1 might not be what you think it is

The Most Important Rule in Investing [Compound Advisors] – “With all due respect to Warren Buffett, the most important rule in investing is not anything close to “never lose money.” In fact, the entire notion is absurd.”

How People Get Rich Now [Paul Graham] – “Every year since 1982, Forbes magazine has published a list of the richest Americans. If we compare the 100 richest people in 1982 to the 100 richest in 2020, we notice some big differences. In 1982 the most common source of wealth was inheritance. Of the 100 richest people, 60 inherited from an ancestor. There were 10 du Pont heirs alone. By 2020 the number of heirs had been cut in half, accounting for only 27 of the biggest 100 fortunes.” Read the whole thing.

Perfect is not the same as perfectionism [Seth Godin] – “Perfectionism is a way to berate others for not meeting imaginary standards. Or berating ourself as a way to avoid shipping the work.”

Lastly, which muppet is your favorite? 🙂

A Ruthless Ranking Of The 25 Best Muppets, According To Listeners [NPR] – “When we asked our trusty Pop Culture Happy Hour listeners to vote for the Best Muppet, we knew they’d come through. Over 18,000 votes were cast; over 150 different Muppets received votes.”

I don’t know who my #1 is but I think Dr. Teeth is underrated. 24th? Absurd!