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How to Live a Rich Life

I’ve known Ramit for many years, since the days of my first blog in 2005ish, and I’m a huge fan of his concept of a “Rich Life.”

It’s only partly money and more about your relationship with money. A Rich Life means something different to each person but it all requires you to take a close look at yourself, which we should all do a little bit more of.

How to Live a Rich Life [I Will Teach You To Be Rich] – “So what is a Rich Life anyway? Is it wearing a Rolex and having a china closet? No!

A Rich Life is your ideal life — one where you look at your personal relationships, your finances, and your ordinary days and say, “Wow!””

Making the Transition to Early Retirement: Our 5 Year Plan [Rich Frugal Life] – “Having a good plan can both motivate you and keep you moving in the right direction. Things get more complicated when there’s a partner and/or kids involved. Don’t underestimate the amount of time or effort it will take to create one (like I did).”

Finally, before you go, did you know the ubiquitous “Chinese take out box” was originally an oyster pail???

The Chinese Takeout Box is As American As Baseball and Apple Pie [The Dieline] – “The need for an inexpensive, watertight package that can safely carry oysters home inspired the eventual invention of the “oyster pail,” an early version of which was patented in 1890, then significantly improved upon in 1894 by Frederick Weeks Wilcox. The new version could be formed from a single piece of paper or card stock so that no moisture gets trapped, leading to unwanted leakage. Its folded design also allows steam to escape. Ever handy, the top can be folded and locked, and a bail can be attached to carry the pail upright. Since it gets made from a single piece, users can also carefully unfold it to form a serving surface. Because who doesn’t want an instant, on-demand plate?”

Have a great weekend!