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Reverse Waiting

I (Jim) really like this idea of reverse waiting.

Reverse Waiting [Mitchell Landon] – “If “comparison is the thief of joy” then waiting is its partner in crime. Sure, it’s great to have things to look forward to, but not at the expense of our happiness today.”

How to Be More Resilient, According to an Elite Performance Coach [GQ] – “What is a better conception of toughness than “push through the pan to get on the other side of it?”

It’s creating space so that you can navigate. When we go through challenging things, it’s almost like the wind compresses and we feel like we have to react. We feel some anxiety and then our immediate reaction is, “Get me out of this situation. Escape, escape, escape.” Toughness is creating the space so that you don’t default to that easy decision, but instead can figure out, okay, how do I work through this in a productive manner?”

Bored? Here are some of the most viral videos of all time.

The Greatest Achievements in Dumb Internet Video [Polygon] – “This list aims to define a canon of funny videos created for the vast expanse of the internet. Ignoring nostalgia and their virality, it’s an attempt to carve out a Criterion Collection of completely stupid, but absolutely genius internet content. This is a list you could confidently show an alien who just landed on Earth and asked, “so what’s the internet like?””