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Regret minimization is harder than it looks

I remember when I first hear heard Jeff Bezos talk about regret minimization – it resonated with me.

But much like our first post of today, from software engineer Samvit Jain, I’ve come to realize it’s a good idea in principle but nearly impossible to execute if that’s your only guiding principle. So while I’d like to minimize regret, it’s now almost become a tie breaker for me when all other factors are equal.

Regret Minimization [Samvit Jain’s blog] – “You don’t know what you will regret – Our values change. I might value adventure in my 20s, but value stability more in my 30s. So a choice that was good for 25-year-old me may not be as good for 35-year-old me. In this specific case, regret minimization based on my current values may bias me toward a more risk-seeking path.”

Litecoin’s fake Walmart deal could have crypto regulators circling [Protocol] – “A Walmart press release announcing a “major partnership” with litecoin sent the cryptocurrency soaring early Monday, before it quickly plunged again after the report was exposed as fake news.” Hmm…

I Now Make More Money Than My Husband, and It’s Great for Our Marriage [Bitches Get Riches] – “Some men feel threatened or ashamed when their wives make more money than they do. In fact, among different gender couples, wives outearning their husbands increases the rate of divorce by 33%. In such partnerships, both the low-earning men and high-earning women are substantially more likely to cheat on each other, indicating a degree of pretty extreme unhappiness. I’ve never heard anything so ridiculously counterintuitive. One partner in a partnership making more money should be great news to the other, no matter their gender! It’s more money for the whole household! More money for the couple’s joint financial goals! We live in a country that worships at the Holy Church of Hustling. So what the hell kind of red-blooded Amurican husband wouldn’t celebrate his partner making more money?”