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Quitting is underrated

Why Quitting is Underrated [Annie Duke] – “This is the issue with grit. It can get you to stick to hard things that are worthwhile, but it can also get you to stick to hard things that are no longer worthwhile – like after your fibula snaps at mile eight. Throughout our lives, it turns out we are not very good listeners when the world tells us that we should stop.”

Today’s 5-year-olds will likely live to 100. What will their lives be like? [National Geographic] – “According to demographers, today’s five-year-olds have a better chance than ever of living to be centenarians, and by 2050 it’ll likely be the norm for newborns in wealthier nations, such as the United States, Europe, or parts of Asia. That longevity means Peggy, and others of her generation, will live lives that are not just longer, but fundamentally different than the lives of their parents and grandparents.”

J.D. sent this first one along – The Cost Of Retirement Around The World, Mapped [Digg] – “Using Numbeo’s cost of living data, NetCredit broke down how far an American savings account, in USD, would take you around the world in terms of retirement. Their analysis factored in an average retirement age of 61 and life expectancy of 76.15 years to calculate what retiring comfortably meant.”