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Quiet Confessions of Options Trading, Rental Real Estate, Crypto

It’s Jim again! Did you miss me?

Two weeks ago, which was the last time I curated an Apex Money post, I had the great pleasure of hanging out with a bunch of money nerds in Orlando for FinCon (including the delightfully experientially omnivorous J.D. Roth). Since I was going to be running around, I queued up a few posts that I’d been saving — including a post where he lost a little money in crypto.

When I say a little, it’s not insignificant numerically ($2,249.51 in four months) but given his investment, it was a loss of under 10%.

Compare that with the absolute horror stories you can find on Reddit and it doesn’t look that bad!

Quiet Confessions of Options Trading, Rental Real Estate, Crypto [My Money Blog] – “I still haven’t told my wife we lost 50% of our savings in Anchor. I’m putting what’s leftover from my paychecks into restoring it back to the initial amount, hoping she won’t notice. It will take me approx. 5 years with my current salary. We planned to buy a house next year.” ooooophf.

By the way, honesty is the best policy. You can come back from an investment mistake but lying about it… that’s breaking trust.

Elon Musk’s college sweetheart auctions off billionaire’s mementos [CNN] – “The lot includes 18 candid photos of the entrepreneur as a baby-faced economics student at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as several other mementos of Musk and Gwynne’s time together. The glossy photos show the billionaire looking every bit the normal college student before his meteoric rise to success: goofing off in a dorm room, hanging out with his fellow resident advisers, and cuddling with his girlfriend.” This is weird right? I’m all for her cashing in, good for her, but the folks bidding on these items?

Would you pass the wallet test?