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Do you know what a putter-togetherer is?

I love learning about craft.

In this case, I use the Mirriam-Webster definition of craft as “an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill.”

Whether it’s blacksmithing, coopering, glass blowing, or any number of trades – the skill and care involved is amazing to watch.

I normally offer up some money posts followed by candy, today I’m going to lead with candy because it’s just so good.

Do you know who a putter-togetherer is? Watch this and find out.

To take the scissor theme for another step, here’s a fun one.

If you’re going to bet half a million dollars on a game of rock paper scissors, you better not do it in Canada because it’s a lose-lose-lose proposition. If you win, it’s really only $354,647.65 USD or it’s invalidated. Or you lose $354,647.65 real dollars. 🙂 (just kidding, love you Canada!)

$500K bet on rock paper scissors ruled invalid by Quebec court [CBC] – “A Quebec man lost $500,000 in a rock paper scissors best-of-three game that took place in January 2011. The wager has been ruled invalid.”

The Biggest Lie I Tell Myself is About All The Things I’d Do if I Had The Time [Time in the Market] – “If there’s one good thing that comes out of this quarantine is that it shatters this excuse. I have been at home since the middle of March. Now, I still have a job so it’s not like it’s magic free time manna falling from heaven. However, my job does allow me some freedom in terms of taking breaks and I save SO much time not getting ready for work and driving.”

Something to ponder…