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Yo yo yo yo. It’s J.D. here back for another week of Apex Money, your spot for news from the world of personal finance (and beyond).

I’m late with this morning’s installment because, quite frankly, I procrastinated. I had a whole host of other things to do this weekend, and I chose to do them instead of sitting down to share links with y’all. But I’m here now. Because I put off compiling links for you today, I only have two stories to share.

Let’s lead off with a story about procrastination. 😉

“I didn’t procrastinate on anything in my life for an entire week. Here’s what happened.” [/r/getdisciplined/ on Reddit] — “I dug out the most uncomfortable things that I’ve procrastinated on forever – from cleaning my drains or the sieve of my washing machine over doing my taxes, writing my patient’s will, replying to unread messages, terminating a bank account after 5 years of putting it off, or giving my parents back the keys to their old apartment they’ve already sold (oops, still had it in my drawer). And I challenged myself to face all of them…” [OP also filmed a video version!]

To close things out, here’s a bleak story about global economics. I know, I know. Sounds boring, right? I thought so too until I watched it. This 17-minute video from the PolyMatter channel on YouTube explains why Sri Lanka’s economy is collapsing (and what it means for the rest of the globe).

Not the sort of thing I usually watch or link to, but I’ll make an exception in this case. This is an interesting video.

That’s it for today. We’ll be back tomorrow with our first-ever installment from the folks at Plutus. Yay!