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Price is perception

Years ago, while talking with a friend contemplating a career change, I asked him what he’d say if the roles were reversed.

What if I was working somewhere that didn’t excite me? That I was only continuing to work at because I’d spend the last five years there? I didn’t mention the idea of “sunk cost” or how we were both young and, despite five years at a company, still in the infancy of our careers. Just changing the perspective was enough to convince him of something I could see very easily – he should make the move.

It’s hard to give ourselves advice because we’re so very much in our own lives. But if we can trick our brains just a little bit and set outside of ourselves, we can often identify and address many of our concerns.

That’s why I enjoyed this article – Treat Your Life Like a Business [MonkWealth]

Can Money Buy Happiness? [The Wallet Wise Guy] – “Reaching their financial goals gave them the freedom to pursue the things that really mattered to them…even if those things weren’t necessarily bigger homes, cars, or retirement accounts.” Having the money doesn’t mean the things you want are the things you can buy.

The Science of Developing Self-Control in Life [Darius Foroux] – “Why is it so difficult to improve yourself? Every day, we have the choice to do something that pays off later instead of now. Going to the beach, binge-watching tv shows, reading gossip, drinking alcohol, smoking, or every other pleasurable activity in life always gives you an instant payoff.

You temporarily feel good. But in one year, two years, five years from now, you look back and you see no progress in your life. In life, we have to deal with a concept called “entropy.” Entropy is the Second Law of Thermodynamics and stands for the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system. The basic idea is that everything inside a system moves towards disorder.”

Price is perception… and this is clear when you look at wine: