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Powerful lessons from growing up in public housing projects

This is a week of Tweet threads I loved… latest one comes from Ed Latimore, another athlete (former heavyweight boxer), about the lessons he learned living in public housing projects:

#7 about trauma is the one that really resonated because it gets to the idea of life and fairness. When you’re in the struggle, you don’t have time for the “woe is me” or “life is unfair.” When you’re working through something hard, do the work and worry about the other stuff later. That only gets in the way of the work.

Left your job or old 401(k): Now what? [Mile High Finance Guy] – “Months ago, I would often get asked the question, “What should I do with my old 401(k) plan?” At the time, I was working full-time as a retirement planner for one of the US’s largest brokerage and investment advisory houses. Now, many people think you have to roll over a 401(k) plan once you leave a job, but to the contrary, the question (generally) is whether you should roll it over. And importantly, the answer will never be the same as it is dependent upon your unique situation.” A solid guide on what to do with an old 401(k).

11 Things Fiscally Responsible People Do [Five Year Fire Escape] – “Today we’re going to talk about being fiscally responsible. Wait! Don’t run away! The way I see it, this topic should not only be reserved for boardrooms occupied by uptight managers in suits. Becoming financially-savvy should be the norm amongst people young and old who are committed to achieving financial freedom or general awesomeness.”