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The power of community.

Welcome to the very first edition of Apex Money. We’re glad to have you as part of our community.

Every day, we strive to bring you interesting articles on money (and related subjects) from every corner of the web: mainstream media, specialty sites, and — of course — our favorite blogs.

To kick things off, here are three pieces we’ve enjoyed recently.

On the power of the personal-finance community. [Josh Overmyer] — “The ability to converse, share, and learn from one another has been jet fuel for my progress to [financial independence]…I’ve read about friends blasting through their student loan and consumer debts, hitting net worth milestones, and retiring early. I get so much joy hearing others accomplish their goals, and it fuels me to buckle down and hit some of my own goals.” This, friends, is why we’re starting Apex Money.

As we age, our financial decisions get worse. [Retirement Field Guide] — “Nobody likes to think about getting older. Even less so, nobody likes to think about the decline of their mental health. But the harsh truth is that as we get older, our cognitive abilities decline at some point. This is especially true with regard to personal finances.

“We asked two of our editors to wear the same thing every day. Here’s what happened.” [Fast Company] — “What happens when women decide to buck convention and wear the same exact thing every day? We decided to put this idea to the test by asking two of our colleagues to pick a uniform and wear it for at least two weeks.”

On a related note, here’s Joshua Becker on the six reasons he wears the same thing every day:

I’ll be honest: I’ve thought about wearing the same thing every day too. But I’m not sure the world is ready for a fifty-year-old man who only wears Taylor Swift t-shirts!

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